Risk Surveys, Loss Inspections, Intelligence, Security project management and similar tasks.

What are you willing to risk?

A Risk Survey is a thorough examination of a companys whole security initiatives and installations in relation to specific risks.

It describes in details what have been done (and what have to be done) to obtain a recommended or required level of security.

These Risk Surveys are, of course, very individual:
One company wants to uncover the risk of fire, the possibility of evacuation through logical escapeways or emergency exits and how to limitate directly and consequently damages and injuries.
Another company looks at burglary as their largest risk.
A third company handles great values or large sum of cash.
In the fourth company, the immaterial have most value: Knowledge, trademarks, brands, strategies and important documents.

Each of these 4 invented companies, have specific risks.
The purpose or goal is different in every company.
They have to be treated individually.
This requires different demands of the Risk Survey.

A Risk Survey is adapted to every customer.

What are you willing to risk?

Your individual Risk Survey will give you all needed information to act from.

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